clicking folder in sidebar does not highlight it

ybakos 13 years ago updated by lanzz 13 years ago 1
Thanks for a great new release, Jon.

In the latest build 2139 we have the gift of keyboard navigation in the sidebar. This allows full traversal of stuff, including folders.

However, *clicking* on a folder does not highlight it. This conflicts with my ability to highlight a folder via keyboard navigation.

The reason this is an annoyance is because I have to click a file in order to set focus to the sidebar. Clicking a folder only expands it. I would argue that clicking a folder should both expand and "highlight" it.

I would prefer if the first click only focuses the folder without expanding it. Having a selected folder in the sidebar is useful for establishing the location for creating a new file. Expanding could happen only when clicking an already focused folder. Or this could be configurable :)