Move to trash instead of delete

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Deleting is dangerous, it is far more safe to move files to trash. Currently it's possible to miss the file forever even if you just wanted to 'Open Containing Folder'.

I just fell foul of this - I hit 'Delete folder' instead of 'Find in folder'. At least this option needs to be moved somewhere less dangerous.

This just happened to me: 

  1. dragged a folder into a Sublime Text 3 (beta) window, 
  2. realised I had accidentally dragged in the wrong folder, 
  3. right-clicked the folder in the sidebar and clicked "Delete folder"

Realised I meant to click "Remove folder from project". 

Too late. All gone.

The best part is this: it was a version-controlled project folder, but ST3 even deleted the .git subdirectory.

A single click for a recursive delete operation, with no prompt, and no way to reverse it afterwards? In a context menu that also contains a similarly named non-destructive operation which is used frequently?


Just did the same thing Callum did; deleted an entire folder instead of "Remove from Project".  Often, delete folder = remove.

Sublime not only deleted the folder, but made the entire folder undeletable!  I tried 2 undeleting programs (Win7), with out saving anything else to the HD, & not a single item could be found on the entire HD.  Though I should back up more often, I lost $15 worth of MP3s & 3 hours of time trying to recover.

Please either add a "Are you sure?" dialog, or disable the menu option by default.

Ah, I have to rename a file to .cpp instead of .c -- it's a good thing I haven't committed this new tricky code file to the repo yet aaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone.

It looks like ST3 a) prompts to delete folders and b) moves files/folders to trash
if you want to change this behavior, just edit `Packages/Default/side_bar.py`. If you don't have this behavior, remove whatever dodgy sidebar plugins you have installed...

This is absolutely the worst UX imaginable.  Such a great IDE, but to have one of the worst UX mistakes in history that I thought was wiped out a decade ago, is mind blowing.  

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