Relative line numbers

Chetan Surpur vor 13 Jahren aktualisiert von Alexander Ivanov vor 7 Jahren 6

The option to switch to relative line numbers (http://dlo.me/vim-with-relative-line-numbers/) would be great, especially with the new Vintage mode.

I wouldn't even mind a plugin to do this, but I'm not sure how to go about implementing it. Any hints?


+1, would go great with Vintage mode.
Recently a relative line numbers plugin for vim hit the front of hackernews and as a result the benefit of this amazing feature has reached new eyes among my peers. 
This would make an absolute fantastic feature and complement the vintage mode nicely

Looks like I'm digging up a very old post, but VintageLines is way too limited to be a final solution... Most of the issues are related to the fact that it uses .png files instead of native line numbers. For instance, it doesn't go above 999 (I know, no file should exceed that... but welcome to reality!), also, it doesn't integrate well with GitGutter and similar plugins, etc. So it would be great if either Sublime would support that feature natively, OR, if VintageLines could have access directly to the native lines numbers instead of having to use a hack.

Yeah, I agree this will be an amazing feature! I would prefer to see both line numbers and relative ones. I strongly support this! :)