When deleting or renaming a file in the sidebar, that file should be closed/renamed if it's currently open.

jlong64 8 years ago updated by Lucas Jenß 8 years ago 2
When you delete a file in the sidebar and that file is currently open, it will remain open. Similarly, if you rename an open file, it will remain open with its old name. If you save the file it will be re-created.
It's even worse than that, right? If you delete it, from the sidebar, you actually open it in the process. So the process for deleting a file from the sidebar is: right click -> delete -> close -> get prompted if you want to save it -> ok.

I really love Sublime, but this is definitely the worst thing about it.

At least once per day I move or rename a file that is open in Sublime, then edit it and wonder why the changes are not showing (because Sublime has re-created the originally opened file). I think that Sublime should at least display a warning if I'm editing a file that doesn't exist anymore! :)