I love sublime text 2

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I love Python, and I love TextMate. It's like you gutted the nasty innards of TextMate and replaced it with a domain-specific python REPL - and it TOTALLY works.
How is this a feature request?
It's under "Thanks" http://sublimetext.userecho.com/forum/2079-general/filter-10407/order-top/
UserEcho isn't just bug tracking and feature requests :)

I can't believe I've only just heard about this editor -- it's great!

(bye textmate)

Also I really want to have support of CodeIgniter (php framework)!
I'm telling everyone I know about this editor, and EVERYONE is switching.
I do love sublime text 2. It seems like you read my mind and pick the best features I liked in : notepad++, aptana, netbeans, vi, ... and made them into st2.

I bought the software after one day of use of ST2.

Sublime Text. It works (TM)
I've just recently added it to my collection of editors after using a mix of Emacs, TextMate & a bit of Vim (mainly on servers).  So far I'm liking it quite a bit.  Looking forward to seeing it evolve over time and to perhaps writing my own package functionality in the future.  It's kind of like a modern re-interpretation of Emacs with Python instead of Lisp.  It's also fantastic to have it on Mac, Windows & Linux which was always a downside to TextMate.
“Modern re-interpretation of Emacs with Python instead of Lisp” — you nailed it :)

It's still missing some pieces, but you can always code them yourself in Python. I am enchanted.

Topstyle and Vim are also good ones.