Add a history of editions spots

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Everytime you click somewhere, your history save the file and the line. then you can go backward and forward, just like in a Web browser.

It's very handy since you do a lot of back and forth while editing code, and you don't have to 'remember' to set a bookmark.

it's hard to do since you have to decide what to do in cases such as file and lines deletion.
I like this and miss it. I'm going to make this on a plugin :)
Just to clarify, you want to know the last cursor point of your files. Not a history of points inside a file, right? Cuz this seems to overhead and bookmarks seem a better option.
@Diogo: actually, I want an history of points accross the all project.

You see, you do have bookmarks and an history in a Web browser as well, but you use the back button much more than the bookmarks right ? It's because it's just handier to go back were you were previously when you think you need it, rather than anticipate the need to go back somewhere, and hopefully actually need it and use the bookmark.

The history feature should be volatile. tt's not something you need to be saved, juste a convenience when you are editing several zones in several files again and again (like in debugging), and clicking on 'previous' instead on looking for the line would save you some time.

Of course you COULD use a bookmark, but this not as convenient: in one case you must think about it, in the other one the machine does it for you.
Miss being able to quickly move between recent edits like Navigate Back / Navigate Forward in visual studio. Would love to see this :).