Display key bindings in menus

mrmachine 13 years ago updated 13 years ago 2
Some key bindings are not displayed in the menus, which makes it difficult to learn basic shortcuts for common features.

E.g. "super+k, super+u" for "Edit > Convert Case > Upper Case". No keyboard shortcut is displayed on the menu.

I only found this shortcut by chance when googling about Sublime Text. Sure, you can open the keymap file and try to read 500+ lines of JSON, but that's not very friendly.
FWIW, the reason sequence key bindings aren't displayed in the menu is because Cocoa has no notion of sequential key bindings, and thus NSMenu isn't able to display them. There's a similar issue for GTK on Linux. Sequence key bindings are displayed on Windows, which is more flexible in this area.

I believe it's possible to ditch Cocoa for the menus on OS X, it's something I'm planning on investigating in the future.
Perhaps in the meantime, a help page accessible from the help menu that listed just the default keyboard shortcuts for menu items (missing or not)? This would make it easier to learn at least the basics than trying to read the entire keymap file, and could explain why some menu options don't display keyboard shortcuts even though they exist.