Highlight found text in minimap

Ian Henry fa 13 anys updated by stijn fa 12 anys 4
Kind of like how Chrome's find on page feature shows you where to scroll, it'd be nice to have a yellow line or something appear on the minimap for matches.
Sublime Text 1 would make selections super bright in the minimap, and did the same for highlights when you searched the file. Very useful, bring it back!
Thing is that in sublime text 1 you can resize minimap and make it bigger, so text highlights are also more noticeable. So it is better to ask for ability to set width of minimap - so please vote here.
Technically Sublime Text 2 already highlights text in the minimap, just as it does in the text editor.  But yeah, it would be nice if it was brighter and easily noticeable.  
+1 definitely have a look at how Productivity Power Tools 'Enhanced Scrollbar' for Visual Studio does it. Once you've used that you cannot go back. Also for highlighting what's under the cursor etc, and showing the preview is also a huge timesaver. Some screenshots here: http://www.ariankulp.com/productivity-power-tools---enhanced-scroll-bar