Automatic update

Gabriel Lau hace 9 años actualizado por Peter Johnson hace 7 años 17
An automatic update, similar to Firefox in the background, it would be more interesting and confortable than the manual way which is currently done.
For the love of all that is good please implement auto-update.  Or hell, automatically download the new file and say, would you like to install now?  I click yes and it goes.  I don't really care.  I love having up to date software but doing it manually is making me seriously consider a stable release.
Isn't it more or less automatic now? I don't remember it being a major pain to update in the past.
I know it's not easy to handle three different platforms (like mentioned here http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1456) but, it really sucks having to:

1. click on the button at the startup and wait for the page to open.
2. click on the download link.
3. close ST2.
4. open the installer and follow all the next's again.
5. reopen ST2 and enjoy.

... each time a new release is launched.
Sometimes all i really want is rapidly open my text file to see or change something, save it if needed and close it and i do NOT want to update my SF2 in these cases.. 

It would be very nice if each time i opened my SF2 and there was a new update, I was notified by any kind of "corner message" (like those translate or 'plugin out of date' messages on google chrome) that there is a new update available and asking me for - at least - downloading it for me and asking when to install it or if i want to manually install it later.

I know it's not hard to implement a 'less intrusive' message, it is unbelievable simple downloading any file from the internet from any application and shouldn't be that hard to create a preloader that checks if there is an installer ready to run and install it if desired before launch the real application.

I love sublime text, i think you've done a great job here but i would love it even more if it didn't stop me of doing my job each time there is a new update.
-1 from me: Though it'd be a nice feature per se, i'd rather see the coding time for such a feature invested in places where it makes more sense.. and it's not like one had to do an update each and every day, right?
Yes, Please. Very much needed. Specially with the frequency that this software updates itself!

+1 Great that you put out updates frequently but it does mean that you need some auto-update mechanism in place.

Yeah, well, the window dialogue doesnt really mean auto update. Its better than nothing, of course, but I would still like automatic transparent background updates. :)

more like Chrome or Firefox ;)

If you don't want to implement auto updates due to high complexity of doing so, why not swap the actual blocking message for a nice non-blocking system that tells you when there is a new update?

Like this:

How hard is it to implement this?

This is what I see every day when I get to work and every time I restart sublime.

...and this is what I get when I download it... not very nice

can you at least include some upgrade instructions for linux please?