Super+N open new window and Super+T new tab

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In order to stick with default OSbehavior and also improve the usability of creating new files I suggest assigning:

Super+N -> Open new window (like it does on textmate, finder, etc..)

Super+T -> Go to file/New file (Create new tab showing the current panel with a couple of teaks)

To open a file, it would work as usually:

Create new tab, type the name of the file, press return.

To create a file:

Create new tab and press esc to dismiss the overlay. 
As an enhanced behavior, the user could instead of pressing esc, type the name of the newfile+folder (somefolder/example.css) and press enter. If no folder is specified (example.css), the file would be created next to the previously displayed file. This would spare the user of having to save the file manually in order to have syntax features or having to deal with the save file dialog. 

All this could be complemented by a Create New File entry on the show_files overlay (the one which appears when you press super+t)

Found this application today called wunderlist. It's very well designed and notice the detail: besides Cmd+N it uses Cmd+T for the same action.

This is just a exemple of how much Cmd+T is connected with the NEW something action (tab in most browsers).