Maintain selection after find/replace in Selection

Jake Wilson 8 years ago updated by Daniel Green 7 years ago 2
Currently when you do a find/replace in the current selection, after you click "Replace All" you loose whatever selection you had.  It would be very nice if it re-selected and maintained whatever you had selected before performing the find/replace.

The reason this would helpful is sometimes there are multiple things in a selection of code that I need to replace. It would be nice to select my code block once, then do a find/replace.  Then another find/replace.  Then another, etc... Right now, I have to select code block, find/replace.  Select code block again, find/replace, select code block again, find/replace, etc...
Agreed, this would make it like using markers in find/replace in find (i.e. find from marker a to marker b and replace foo with bar)

Also after operations like wrap with tag. This would make writing really useful macros possible. For example, first replace this with that, then replace foo with bar, then wrap everything in a <table> tag.