Indent guide highlighting changed?

Asher Max Schweigart 9 year бұрын updated by Ryan Schumacher 8 year бұрын 3
I love the highlighted indent guides that were added in 2139, but since then they have changed. In 2139 the active guides would be highlighted, and the non-active would be the standard color:
in 2181 that feature changed. The highlighting was no longer there:
but can be re-added with "indent_guide_options": ["draw_active"]:
Notice though that now only the active guides are being drawn, the other ones are not being rendered.
I like the way indent guides were in the 2139. Is there a setting I am missing to change it back to this?
In the Settings - Default I believe you change the indent line to:

"indent_guide_options": ["draw_normal", "draw_active"],

You have to add both options to get the pre 2139 version.
You are correct Mark, didn't think you could use two options but it looks like you can. Thanks!

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