C++ indentation options are too crude

codex 13 years ago updated by James Z. Liang 11 years ago 4
I really miss Emacs's C++ indentation features.  My company's coding standard is quite rigorous and without auto-indent help using ST2 for C++ is very tedious.
Can you be more specific?
I guess.. to be more specific - Emacs rocks in terms of flexibility of coding styles and sublime is way far behind and this point. It can only buy notepad users :-P And BTW, does it support remote editing like Emacs & Tramp?

I wish you could implement cinoptions from VIM. I think that would be enough for most people. See http://vimdoc.sourceforge.net/htmldoc/indent.html

I personally miss the ability to configure ST2 so that it would indent to bracket, but only if last line does not end with bracket. So if you start giving arguments on first line, next line will be indented to bracket, so you'd get something like:

  "%s", "You can also configure how much to indent this line.");
       "Relative to shiftwidth that is.");

I agree that sublime usage gets cumbersome because of lack of better auto-indentation.

One thing I ran into today was that parameters for functions are not indented to the same column.

So you get


(param1, // <--- this line not indented at all