Re-instate the app icon in Linux .debs

Vadim Peretokin 13 years ago updated by australis 13 years ago 6
It seems that at some point in time, the app icon was removed from the .debs - and thus launchers and docks display the generic icon (except those that cached it: http://ubuntuone.com/p/efY/)

It'd be great if the icon was put back in.
Which debs are you referring to? Currently, Sublime Text 2 is distributed as tarballs only.
Oh! True. My fault, sorry. Would it be possible to have the icon then included as a stand-alone file so docks could be customized to use it?
After running, you'll be able to find the icon in ~/.Sublime Text 2/Packages/Defaut/Icon.png
In my case (Sublime Text 2 Beta, Build: 2095), the location was: