Virtual space at the file bottom

Max Bourinov 8 years ago updated 2 years ago 5
ADDED: It is already implemented! Great! I love Sublime!

When enabled, show virtual space at the file bottom. It is implemented in IntelliJ IDEA and I find it very useful.

Explanation: When I code 95% of the time I look on the upper part of the screen. When I come to the end of the file, I have to look down or add many line breaks to keep my eyes on a comfortable level.

So, "Virtual space at the file bottom" feature solves this problem.

Please see attachement that illustrates this idea:

It's already implemented I guess, it's called ""scroll_past_end". add this to your user preferences and you're good to go: 

"scroll_past_end": true,

Great! Please close this request!

Too funny.  I've been wanting this feature forever.  However, I never got around to asking for it until today.  So, I do a search and Voila! it's already a feature.

It's surprising that so many others seems to have the same workflow and preferences.

Damn! I asked this question 4 years ago! And I found it by Google having the same problem again!

Again I am here! Thanks to this page....