Sublime Text 3 Find all symbol references

Andy Jarrell hace 8 años actualizado por mindlube hace 7 años 1

The new updates in Sublime Text 3 are fan-freaking-tastic.  I absolutely love using sublime.  The "Goto Symbol in Project" and "Goto Definition" are going to be huge timesavers for me.  I work on projects that involve C, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Lua, and large makefiles.  In particular, many C functions are called by Lua, but referred to as strings.  The "Goto Definition" is huge for being able to find the original C function being referred to.  Thank you.

While "Find in Files" does allow me to find all the references to a symbol by direct search, it would be nice to have a "Goto References" or "List References" option to quickly list all references to the symbol in the project as a faster method vs direct search.  I'm not sure if the project index is structured in such a way to make that easy.

I cannot praise Sublime Text 3 enough.  What an amazing piece of software.


Absolutely- go to references or find references is the other half of having a "go to definition feature". I am looking at MonoDevelop right now, and right clicking on a symbol in code brings up this contextual menu:

Go to declaration // Sublime has this

Go to base

Find derived classes

*Find references* // this is missing from Sublime

Edit: in fact there is a menu item for "Go To Symbol in Project" in Sublime, but as far as I can tell it goes to the Definition, and does not present a list of occurrences/references/usages of that symbol.