An outline pane

ulhume 13 year бұрын updated by Merrill Hutchison 7 year бұрын 20
ST2 is really missing a pane showing currently edited document structure.

This kind of pane can easily be placed under "explorer pane" with a split bar for managing both heights.

Content of this pane should be accessible through plugin API in order to allow them to feed it with the structure which can be :
  • list of functions for a code file
  • list of classes
  • list of identifiers for a css file
  •  etc..
I know there is Ctrl-R, but let's be honest about it, this is just not usable for serious development projects. IMHO this kind of overview is far more useful that minmap or perhaps I missed the real point of minmap (that I personally don't find useful at all).

This would be great for files that have many methods (making scrolling through the entire list using ctrl+R somewhat more time consuming).

 Another use case: show a table of contents for a LaTeX file or a Markdown file.

+1 - found this thread from a search. I thought this might be the kind of thing Sublime already had. Shame it doesn't!

Splitting the file pane into two sounds good. Files at the bottom, outline at the top. Would be useful to me if the outline pulled in the 'code folding' levels and was nested. And you could say "Show 1 level / 2 levels / 3 levels deep in the outline pane". I'd use this all the time.

That feature is really missing also in sublime text 3 . I would advise to have it behind the mini panel on the right (preview panel?)


Still waiting for it in 2017