Syncing settings files and plugins list with gist.github.com

Vladimir Starkov 12 years ago updated by Shawn McElroy 12 years ago 1

Syncing settings files and plugins list with Gist

This feature will provide possibility to sync your settings' files and plugins-list.

I propose to use Gist to synchronize all the stuff.

http://dabblet.com/ give me a cue to use Gist to store text blocks for using from different computers.

Sync work is including several steps (method's logic was taken form google chrome sync):

  1. You provide your github accounts info (mail and password).
  2. Sublime Text 2 (ST2) connects to Gist and downloads all settings and full-detailed list of plugins used by you (list of downloaded, installed, enabled, disabled plugins).
  3. ST2 overrides your current settings (settings used before sync) with settings from Gist, then adds to syncing setting non-conflictable sections of code.
  4. After applying syncing to your current config settings will be sent to Gist again to sync re-formed settings.
  5. Syncing list of plugins is similar to syncing settings.

Note #1: ST2 should provide github's account data hiding (not posting this section of config) from posting to Gist

Note #2: http://developer.github.com/v3/gists/ Gits api can help to bring this feature to life.