Auto close tags after you type >

Thodoris Tsiridis 13 years ago updated by Drew Betts 11 years ago 12
It would be great to auto close tags after you type the > of the opening tag. So when you type <span> immediately it closes the tag, and the cursor stays inside the tag.
This is an absolute must. I know I can hit TAB to do it but it's not "natural". It doesn't fit in the flow of regular typing. It's a diversion.

I should add, this feature alone is keeping me from adopting the app. It's slowing me down immensly.
+1 for me. I would like to see self closing tags preferably when typing the opening tag's > or by typing the closing tag's </.
Yes please, as a new starter in Coldfusion, this would be a very welcomed feature. 

that, exactly. I am looking for ANY code editor/IDE that handles closing a tag when typed </

It's so much easier and faster than having it auto close, because that way your cursor is always somewhere stuck in the middle and it just doesn't work right, especially after five years of typing </

I think that this is superseded by the Zen Coding plugin.


I'm new to Sublime Text 2 and discovered the Tag package (https://github.com/SublimeText/Tag) which completes the tag after you type '</' (without quotes), similar to Dreamweaver, if I remember correctly.

Also, if you haven't discovered it already, I can thoroughly recommend Sublime Package Control which makes it really easy to install new packages, see http://wbond.net/sublime_packages/package_control/installation


I've also just discovered: Ctrl+Space, then type the element you want, e.g. span, press Enter and the complete tag is inserted.


Yep Install "Tag" from Package Control: Install Package > Tag did the trick! Awesome editor! Perfect for me as I'm a designer and love that right navigator like in photoshop!!! Awesome, was love at first sight!


Go to your default.sublime-keymap file and place '{ "keys": ["alt+."], "command": "tag_close_tag" }' (without quotes) between the square braces. As soon as you release the '/' key it will auto close the open tag. 

Source: Tag 

Package Control and Tag work beautifully! Thanks Gareth