Make keyboard shortcuts independent of keyboard layout

Alexander Schepanovskiy 8 years ago updated by Daniel Albrecht 7 years ago 1

Now keyboard shortcuts depend on current active input language (at least in Linux), so when I switch keyboard layout they suddenly stop working or even do something different. It's kind of bizarre.

Usually it could be worked around by adding User shortcuts for a new language, but then it can accidentally override some shortcut for a first language.

Please bind shortcuts to actual physical keys so that at least on the same computer I wouldn't worry about them jumping back and forth across my keyboard.

> Please bind shortcuts to actual physical keys


I'm on Windows with German keyboard layout. Here I cannot use the default key shortcut for showing the Console, Ctrl+` because ` is no actual key on a German keyboard. (it's shared ´ and `) and it doesn't recognize the keypress in combination with Ctrl.