Navigate in the Find Results buffer

Kai Grossjohann 8 ár síðan Uppfært 8 ár síðan 0
I always have "Use Buffer" turned on when doing Find in Files.  I would like some keybindings to browse the Find Results buffer:
  • Go to next/previous search.  (A search begins with a line "Searching 999 files or foo" and ends with a line "42 matches across 21 files.")
  • Go to next/previous file.  (To the next line that contains a file name followed by a colon.)
  • Go to the next/previous search result.  (A line that contains the line number followed by a colon.)  Note that this is different from F4 -- I want the cursor to move in the Find Results buffer but not the corresponding find result to be opened.
What would also be cool would be advanced editing:
  • Delete current file from Find Results (= the file name heading plus all matches from that file).  Delete current search from Find Results (= the whole section from "Searching 99 files for" to "9 matches across 9 files").
  • Delete all but the current search (= the search I'm looking at) from Find Results.
  • Delete all but the most recent N searches from Find Results.
  • Fold all searches.
  • Fold all files based on matching file name criteria.  E.g. when searching in my Packages folder, I often get lots of matches in the SublimeCodeIntel package, and it would be cool if I could hide those all in one go.