Column Cut and Paste

Chris Thompson 9 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door adzenith 9 jaar geleden 1
My original editor from the late 80's was Brief which was nearly universal and close to taking over Epsilon, but alas never happened.  However, it was right when Windows was coming about and Premia created a new windows text editor called Codewright (eventually bought and killed by Borland).  This editor allowed you to choose your key mapping, Windows/VI/Brief/Epsilon.  But the biggest feature it had (which originally came from Brief) was the ability to copy/cut/paste columns of data!  I can't tell you the power and speed this adds to my development.  There are so many times when I have a long list of something and to be able to slice out a portion right in the middle and paste it back in, is an AWESOME feature!  I'd love to see this added in, so far I can find no other editor that does this except Codewright and I keep my old version just for that one feature.  Other developers have come to me to be able to quickly edit things that would take them hours and I can do in a few minutes.
This is actually Sublime Text's killer feature... it's one of the main reasons Sublime Text is awesome. There are tons and tons of ways to select multiple things at once and to manipulate them simultaneously.
This is for the old version, but it should still apply: http://www.sublimetext.com/docs/selection