Sublime 2 slow when working with remote projects

Scott Bowers 9 aastat tagasi uuendaja Hans Nielsen 8 aastat tagasi 2

Recently, I've been using sublime with a remote sftp project through a VPN.  I've noticed that when sublime loads this project the sublime interface will gradually get slower over time.

Normally, after about an hour of use, there will be a delay between typing and when the characters display.  Command keys, like find/replace will take 1-2 seconds to open, etc.

This problem will only occur when I open a remote project. If I stick to local projects, sublime will respond quickly. But if I switch to a remote project, even for just a second and then back again, sublime's response will degrade over time.

The problem isn't related to saving files, although saving files does freeze sublime until the operation completes.  

This is on Ubuntu 11.04.

Remove sftp plugin and access your sftp from your Ubuntu mount in ~/.gvfs/yourmountname.

This fixed it for me

Worked like a charm for me as well...