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I think that this is superseded by the Zen Coding plugin.

Ctrl+Tab does something different.

I have to be totally aware of the status of the Ctrl key, when I press it, when I release it, and I have to consciously release it and press it again to do what I want with the 'lastView' proposed command.

The way I want it, suppose I map it to ctrl+d (or something similar near ctrl+v and ctrl+c), then I can keep Ctrl pressed, and press d any number of times, and the focus only switches between two views, not a thousand views or whatever that's in the view history.

That way I can work without worrying about 'did I release the Ctrl key in the wrong moment?  did I messed up the view history?'

Just my 0.5 cents.

lastView seems to be a good name for the command.