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I agree completely. I've stopped using SublimeText2 and gone back to using vim, simply because I rely too much on Control-v to select blocks.
This is still a problem, even under build 2157 (Ubuntu 11.10, 64-bit).
I'm using wide_caret and all I get is a slightly more bold underline. (Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit.) Is this what you intend? It's a very subtle difference and still difficult to spot, for example, when doing a text search. Brace matching also gets confusing because the same underline (only not bold) is used. Please, a block cursor, ala vim/gvim is what a lot of us are comfortable with.
Using 2131, if I tap Escape twice, it will cancel the selection. Is needing to tap twice by design? The vim behavior would be that one tap of Escape is enough to cancel the selection. (I can live with twice if there's some compelling reason!) Thanks for the fix.

+1 to adding a block cursor!

Yes, ESC not cancelling the current selection is the main awkwardness I feel when editing. (I do run with vintage_ctrl_keys enabled.)

The second awkwardness is the lack of visual block mode -- Control-v in command mode allows column selecting any block of text. Many times a day still I am pasting the clipboard instead of switching to visual block mode. Adding Control-v for visual block in command mode would, I think, be an unsurprising behavior for vintage_ctrl_keys -- I'm accustomed to having to use Alt-E-P (Edit->Paste) to paste in command mode from using gvim; losing Control-v (to paste) is no hardship.

Sublime's multi-selection abilities don't seem a natural fit for vim's ESC-to-cancel-selection and visual-block behaviors, but don't let that put you off: I wouldn't at all mind being limited to single selection when using vintage keystrokes; that's all you get when using vim anyway.

Adding the Esc and visual block behaviors would make vintage mode feature complete enough for my everyday vim habits (which is an amazing accomplishment from my point of view). Vintage is already much better than WingIDE's (Python IDE) vi/vim keyboard personality -- it mostly just works the way I expect.