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The console supports Python 2.6.5, which is way more flexible then the Windows command line, besides you can run Windows batch files through the Sublime Text 2 build system, besides you can run batch files through python and pass in whatever input you need to.  Hell, you could have Python write your batch script and run it!
I didn't even realize Sublime Text had that feature, sweet!  (selecting something, and it wrapping quotes around it)
The idea of aging tabs is interesting, though more suited to a plugin.  So, if it's not possible already, make it possible through the API for a plugin to do this.  Now, carrying on with the aging idea: I don't like the idea of moving tabs around on people, but if my tab space is cluttered, it would be cool if you could make the old tabs grow smaller so my more heavily used tabs could be more readable. 

If the developers switch to notepad++ like behavior, where there are a lot of tabs and they start hiding tabs, the aging idea would be cool where older less used tabs would fade into the hidden area.  As it stands, Sublime Text's tab area doesn't handle tons of tabs too well, they just run off into nothing; they at least have the functionality to view open tabs on the side, or switch between them (if only I remembered the shortcut for it).  
^This. ESC is the standard way to close ANY popup/box in Sublime Text 2, which just makes sense.
This is already in the most recent build of Sublime Text 2, as far as I can see.  
Technically Sublime Text 2 already highlights text in the minimap, just as it does in the text editor.  But yeah, it would be nice if it was brighter and easily noticeable.