Your comments

Have you tried to search suggestions for minimap before posting another one? Probably no.
Do some research before getting upset Luke! Drag&drop f&r bar up - you will see multi-line. Press ctrl+enter for new line. At least that is how it is working for windows.
Agree - this is something quite important. Even if I will need to use shortcut and select file just like Go-to-anything works - it will fit my needs.
In bottom right corner click on syntax button, then from options list select Open all with current extension as... -> select syntax. It will remember you setting.
And width depend from how many tabs you have, right?
Alt+f3 will show you all matches for current file, but it is hard to notice highlights on minimap, so please vote for this request - it should solve this issue.

Oh George, you have ability to customize everything you want. Also you can select multiple color schemes under preferences. Don't quite understand why you posted it here.