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im still missing this functionality a lot...

practically nothing else is really missing from sublime.

(maybe multi column view on a per tab basis, but the bufferscroll plugin is good enough)


With this feature, it would make Sublime THE perfect editor.

It's a chicken-egg problem a little bit though... If there is no professional cross platform editor which supports elastic tab stops, then how people could try it for real and have a feel of it?

I have to admit, even I can't tell if it's really a great feature or not, since I couldn't try it for real work. I can just extrapolate from the article, where I recognized my pains have a name...

I was a hardcode vim guy for 10+ years, then used TextMate for a year and couldn't find anything better than that until yesterday. Sublime know utterly *everything*:

- knows save on focus lost

- have the intelligent filename search (with instant file preview!!!)

- can open full folders

(no need to create a project for it explicitely!!!...)

- handles proportional fonts

- handles double width characters (chinese for example)

- beautiful default color scheme with black background

- distraction free "zen" mode


- no stupid dialog box config

these features make it the best editor for me.

and i tried the following editors, just to make the foundation of my comparision clear:

textmate, textwrangler, jedit, redcar, eclipse, netbeans, aptana, komodo, macvim, smultron (2), notepad++, gedit (on mac, but no wide char support... has elastic tab stop plugin though) and probably a few more, but NONE of them support all the features above at once :(

If Sublime would support elastic tab stops, all the progressive minds would recommend.

Elastic tabstops would make Sublime truly, maximally unique.

ps: the correct link to the forum thread is