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Note to ST devs: TextPad ( opens a 17 MB text file (in my case, a JSON file) in milliseconds, it's immediate. Same for much larger files.

Sublime Text (2 or 3) takes ~6 seconds to open the same file, on the same machine.

Love Sublime Text (+ it works on OSX/Linux), but it's real slow opening large files, that is a problem. Please see what you can do :) It definitely can be done as TextPad (and others) show.

If syntax highlighting is the problem, then I'd rather have ST open a large file in milliseconds and disable highlighting (for files bigger than a certain size, could be configurable).

Just tried with a 17MB file, ST3 build 3021 takes roughly the same time to open it as ST2.

I don't see any speed up in ST3.

Good idea. Doesn't work for Windows, but I don't care about Windows right now (although I started using ST2 on Windows...). Good solution for unix systems, thanks.
Here's how I keep my ST2 settings:
It works great, I just need to keep manually applying them to all my machines...
You can hit ESC to close the Find widget and get the focus back to your text (without clearing what you just typed in the Find widget)