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how is it useful for the user? should it be there? 
ahhh ok.. What was making me confuse was the fact the current document is being set to last.. but I makes total sense considering there is no use case in which there a benefit from it being first in the list
double line might look good, but works poorly. 
after seeing vim command-T I saw the potential
just because some peepopen uses it doesn't mean it's the best option
rather usable then pretty (both can be achieved in this case)

then I stand corrected :)
would be nice to make it an option though..
an options to only show on scroll would be great, just like the scroll bars on OSX lion are working now
It's useful if you are using sublime as an all around editor.. I know because I needed the feature already a few times
Also, when a folder is open from the desktop, the sidebar should be shown be default even if was toggled off before.

Plus the folder should be automatically expanded in the sidebar
Sure, but the problem occurs if another window is already open at the same time with a sidebar.

When another file opened from the desktop it opens in a new window, also with the sidebar open..

"Why not just hit paste twice?" 

Didn't understand what you would achieve with this..

Anyway, there is no utility on pasting something on top of the same thing, so of course no one does it. Therefore, no consistency would be broken, but functionality would be added.

The best interfaces are the ones which add functionality in a subliminal way, not necessarily in a explicit form. Why memorize an extra shortcut, or take extra space on the keyboard, when it could be achieved with the combination of 2 familiar ones?

If you prefer the duplicate command, you can keep using it :)