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Files and folders are already separated. This is not 100% good since this way one cannot compare chronologically a file in relation to a folder... Not sure which solution is preferable.. maybe there should be an option for that too
So it seems there are 3  main problems:

1. Too many files in the open recent list

Fix: Files opened using the Sidebar or "Goto Anything" should not be displayed in the list

2. Integration with OS X

Fix: Write the list also to ~/Library/Preferences/com.sublimetext.2.LSSharedFileList.plist when on OS X

3. Readability 

Fix: implement @Sindre Sorhus suggestion

the git package does something like this
Just to clarify, if selection is more than 1 line, always duplicate lines instead of selection?
This was added in 2190, but quickcursor still doesn't seem to recognize sublime..
Is it working for anyone?
@agibsonsw How to say this without sounding like a jackass...?
the completitios you made pop up erratically in every ocasion so they are quite unusable and distracting (for me)..
maybe that's the reason of limited feedback?
a package would have the advantage of being conveniently kept updated by sublimePackageManager..
this is the only thing I miss from Vim+tmux or Coda 
I don't understand why people say it's so hard to write.. we already have multi cursor implemented. You only need to connect the clients and give control of one of the cursor to the other client (and vice versa)