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How if the source is closed? 
ok, so this has nothing to do with sublime, but with package control? 
Funny, I just opened an issue about that: 
it's being discussed here but it might be useful if you create a more explicit issue (on the plugin page)
Besides the original described use case, it would solve one of the main drawbacks of unified tabs with title bar.
Maybe the reason of such few votes is:
the use case initially described for the file name in the status bar assumes fullscreen and hidden tabs, which I bet not manny people practice.

This would be another use case and I will link it to the unified titlebar/tabs topics.

That works great until the day you miss a feature but you can't have it because someone decided there was a limit called "too many", a limit which each individual would describe differently based one their own needs. 

What you are really saying now: you are satisfied with the current features and don't want more.

What you really wanna say is: Features are great. Just please don't add any which makes the program slower, harder to use or less pretty then it is now.

I think there is a pluggin for that