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By my reading, simply distributing the current non-statically-linked version of ST2 as well as a fully statically linked one would satisfy the requirements of the LGPL, i.e. you have provided means to run with alternative versions of those libraries. The only other change required would be more copyright notices in the About box.

I hate LGPL... it 'solves' a non-problem by introducing many real problems, and most devs who release code under it didn't bother to read it.
I should add that Sublime behaviour is also broken in a couple of other ways wrt X standards:

- Text should be pasted from the selection buffer with either middle-click or shift-ins. In Sublime, shift-ins pastes from the clipboard (i.e. duplicates ctrl-V).

- Deselecting text (clicking away or changing file) should not empty the selection buffer. The buffer should continue to hold the most recently selected text.
Ok, this is definitely a bug (race condition?) rather than just missing behaviour. If I select some text in ST2, it clears the X buffer - it never puts the selected text there. If I then middle-click paste that text within ST2 (which works reliably), that sometimes (with about 30% probability) then causes the text to appear in the X buffer such that I can also paste it into other applications. Repeated pastes into ST2 increase the probability that the text makes it into the X buffer. Quite strange. This is with build 2076 on RHEL5.
Also, reduce folders containing only one subfolder into a single entry. This happens a lot in Java projects.