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I think this is not a issue, it's the lack of the feature. As far as I know Gnome/Linux puts the windows position and size management in the hands of the developer.

I hope Jon will add this feature for the beta or final version, meanwhile a can live without it.
Hi Jon,

I've emailed to you the sublime_session file.

Besides, I can confirm that dragging the sidebar the panels appear and I can resize them.

Anyway, I'm now going to check the dev build 2040 to see if this is solved and I'll post my findings later.

Thank you.
Suresh, this has been implemented on build 2036 with the File/Clone command. Unfortunately I can't take full advantage of it beacuse in (at least my) Linux OS the Layout options aren't working yet.
Hi Jon,

Resizing the window doesn't fix the problem for me on 2023 or 2025(dev). Is there any debug info I can send to you that could help you to track the issue?
Is someone else experiencing this problem?
Hi, Jeffrey.

Adding SSHFS folders works for me with "-0 workaround=rename" on 2020 (and 20110203).

Now a little question: are the "View > Layout" commands working for you on Ubuntu 10.10?

Thank you.
Hi Jon,

When I reported the problem I was using 20110203. Now I've tried the same on 2020 and the problem persists for me.

Please note that the folder is in a mounted network drive.

It works perfectly with SSHFS mounted folders for me (on 20110203 and 2020), a bit slow (logically) but works fine.

Thank you!