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Nice to see that it's implemented in v. 3. I hope it rolls out soon.

Which version? I've got 2.0.1 and it doesn't seem to have this. Also, button count and UI are different from mine too.

Yeah, but you can't search for \r and definitely can't replace with \n or \r (you can replace with "new-line" which is I guess dependent on the file and new-line settings).

PS: What I'd like to have would be similar to Notepad++'s "extended" option in search/replace. I occasionally find myself switching to Notepad++ for new line (and encoding) things.

You can resize the find/replace panel by dragging its upper border (note that there was a resize cursor in place of that ugly red arrowhead, PrtScn didn't capture the original one unfortunately :)):

I agree that the whole thing could be better. Anyway, what I wanted is a little bit different, how can we find and replace "\r" and/or "\n" (not as a literal string, but as LF and CR characters)?

Slow start is definitely an issue. I'm thinking about replacing default notepad with ST. And the only showstopper is startup slowness. BTW I'm on Windows and "my slow" is a few seconds too.