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Take a look at the Find/Find Results menu
Ctrl+Space is the key binding for auto complete in Sublime Text 2 (and in many other applications), although there's nothing stopping you from rebinding it to something else.

It's not possible to use tab for inserting a snippet within a snippet, as it's used for moving between the fields, and there would be no way to determine if a user wanted to move to the next field or complete the current word.
You can do this using ctrl+space
Use the Find All button on the find panel to select all the matches, you can then copy them to the clipboard as usual.
This should be fixed in the current dev build (at http://www.sublimetext.com/dev), and will be in the next beta
This was added in 2139
This is because cmd+b is also bound to the same command, and the menu displays the first key binding listed for the command
There isn't, Sublime Text on OS X requires 10.6 or later
Please look at the section on the OS X command line in the Sublime Text 2 documentation: http://www.sublimetext.com/docs/2/
I believe, but haven't confirmed, that this is caused by VNC triggering menus manually, and not dispatching key events in the usual manner, so Sublime Text's input handling is bypassed. Other functionality will also not be working correctly in this scenario.