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From other reports of this problem, my understanding is that if you resize the window, the problem goes away. Could you confirm that for me?

Also, if resizing the window does fix the problem, does the window only have to be resized once, and then its still fixed for subsequent layout changes, or does it have to be resized after each layout change?
For what it's worth, Alt+u,u does create a ü for me.

Have you changed any key bindings, or installed any plugins? Does alt+<key> work for you at all for inserting alternate characters?
That is the default behaviour... is it not working for you?
This is working as expected: syntax_name() takes a point, and will return the scope name at that point. The name isn't ideal.

If you want the name of the syntax file currently in use, you can use view.settings().get('syntax')
This will be the indentation detection guessing wrong. You can disable indentation detection:
These signals, and more, are taken into account in the cost function: you can see this when filtering with a shorter string, such as 'app', or 'appc', which ranks application_controller first, as it should.

The issue you're seeing is that there are many ways to match 'appcon' against 'app/controllers/application_controller.rb', and the ranking function is giving up before finding the best way. I'll increase the number of iterations it's willing to do before giving up, which will fix the problem on in this instance.

Many thanks for this report, by the way: In the test cases I've got here, the ranking gives better results than any other similar systems, and as much as possible, I'd like to keep it that way.
This is fixed in dev build 2024 ( or

There's also now a kill ring and marks in this build.
I believe Command+Space is the default OS X key binding for spotlight search