Your comments

On your first point if the shift + keyboard-selection is implemented then why not take mouse input as well with either shift or ctrl? Both usages are so common place nowadays I can't see why they'd be considered "not simple enough".

But I really liked your second point as it seems to require minimal dev effort to deploy and would be a great step towards fulfilling this feature request.

Well, if multi-select for opening is implemented, you'd be simply a CTRL-A away from what you're asking for. That's how I envision it happening:

  1. CTRL-P
  2. Type in your search string
  3. CTRL-A
  4. ENTER
  5. Profit!

Thanks for pointing this out. 

Listen everyone: don't add anything else here -- votes, comments, etc -- but to the other thread pointed out above! Let's unite! :)

My bad: I didn't find this request when I created mine ( I'll point people this way as this thread is older.

I was trying to open a 250MB files and my sublime instance simply froze. I killed the process and tried restarting and its window never came up so I killed it again. Third time (was a charm) and it loaded up successfully without the too large file.

I'm pretty sure it was cause by one of the plugins I'm using but even so Sublime should offer a way to, at least, avoid the freezing upon restarting. I would guess that something like the "restore session" screen that comes up in Firefox when it restarts after a crash would be GREAT! The even better solution would be to allow one to cancel loading a file when something like that happens.