Crash when opening a large file over 4GB in size

Robo210 Robo210 8 years ago updated by Carlos K. 8 years ago 1
When trying to open a 4GB file, it will load for a while then crash, presumably when it runs out of address space. Even if it can't open files this large, it would be nice to see an error message rather than crashing.
I was trying to open a 250MB files and my sublime instance simply froze. I killed the process and tried restarting and its window never came up so I killed it again. Third time (was a charm) and it loaded up successfully without the too large file.

I'm pretty sure it was cause by one of the plugins I'm using but even so Sublime should offer a way to, at least, avoid the freezing upon restarting. I would guess that something like the "restore session" screen that comes up in Firefox when it restarts after a crash would be GREAT! The even better solution would be to allow one to cancel loading a file when something like that happens.