Your comments

Even in Windows 7 the overlay scrollbars work great. I think they are unnecessary in all but the sidebar as you say (due to the minimap serving its purpose) though the horizontal bar helps a bit for non wrapped files. So I think one more refinement would be an option to specifically remove the overlay **vertical** scrollbar. 

I can't say this works "great" at all, it does not reflect actual changed state of a line at all... I would edit something, save, and the edit marker is still there! Also typing a line and hitting enter has it move the marker down, it isn't present on the line I just wrote. 

Also it interferes with other existing markers from other plugins... it basically just draws over them. I used a 2x10 pixel image and it just stretches over the whole square. 
You can hover the tab. It displays the path. Not as good as placing in a bar (title or status bar) but works in a pinch. (I even hunted through all the menus for a file properties dialog)