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Where can I download it? I only see 2199

Hmm, strange, because if I recall correctly, I've based my adaptation of this plugin (https://github.com/xeno-by/dotsublime/tree/master/Packages/MyNavigationHistory) on the link above.

Just tested my version now - works both for go to anything within a file and across files, for search, for go to errors. Don't treat it as bugless, rather than a proof of concept.

I also used to miss the navigation history functionality when started using Sublime after several years of Visual Studio. It's good that it's possible to build an approximation of it with a plugin. This is where Sublime shines, imho.

There's a plugin for that: http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3503, but it doesn't correctly work in certain corner cases, namely: 1) jumping to a file via next_result/prev_result, 2) revert of the buffer after it's been modified by an external application, 3) preview, 4) code folding. So it would be great to have this as a natively supported feature.