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I haven't tested it but yes, there is a list of settings:

"search_threshold"     : 2000,
"tag_search_threshold" : 2000,
"use_search_threshold"     : true,
"tag_use_search_threshold" : true,

I'm sure this has something to do with it.
Fixed it!

Apparently if you've installed sublime before in another location of your hard drive(s) and install a newer version elsewhere, you'll have some registry settings left over that don't get cleaned up by the program when you uninstall. I opened up regex and just did a full sweep search for "sublime" and deleted everything i could find, including folders that had instructions inside to use the older sublime path.

Installed sublime again and wallah, works again.
AHA! Success! Why there was a setting in the plugin for delay is beyond me, but after setting it to 0, success!
BracketHighlighter is slow and unrealiable. It can take on average a second or more for it to actually figure where to highlight the correct bracket and also won't work when distance between open and closing brackets are far apart.