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Ini syntax highlighting is available in Package Control.
A toggle might be convenient, but you do know that the pane used for those functions is resizable, right? So you can get multi-line text fields using the mouse, just not with a key combination.
Can't you just create a subl.bat file somewhere on your path that launches sublime text and passes along all parameters? Easy peasy.
You can: 
"drag_text": true
It is already there. Have a look at the commands under Goto / Bookmarks
Like this: http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/90524-add-semicolon-and-newline/

You can omit the newline part if you want.
Before the Open and Open Folder commands were joined, the Open Recent list had two sections, one for files and one for folders. Could we get that back please? As it is now, folders get pushed out of the list very quickly.
Please consider implementing this feature. We already have quite a few shortcut clashes in the available packages and it is a bother to try to remap them manually. This is really the only thing I think TextMate does better than Sublime Text.
I voted for this some time ago, but now I'm starting to change my mind. On the one hand I think the selection looks, well, strange, especially when it spans multiple lines. On the other hand, I'm thinking that with a "normal" selection it could be difficult to see whan you have split a multi-line selection into separate lines. But it would be nice if the behaviour was configurable at least.
Yes! This is the way auto completion works in vim (looking at all open buffers) and it is really helpful.