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Sublime uses the syntax filepath:line:col for this, which is also supported by many editors and utilities. The column part is optional. Your "nose-progressive" plugin can easily be updated to support this syntax too. Maybe submit a change request?

This is a problem you will have with any program that relies heavily on key bindings. It is just not possible to make something that works with multiple keyboard layouts all with different dead keys and so on. Well, you could possibly use keyboard scan codes instead of regular key bindings, but then you'd have a problem with different physical keyboards instead.

I gave up using a national keyboard several years ago and switched to international english layout. I use a macro expansion program to type the Swedish national characters and other useful stuff (e.g. I type .oe to get ö). This works great for me, but your mileage may vary. If you want to stick to using a national keyboard, expect to do a lot of remapping yourself.

Huh?  ST2 is written in C++ and is considerably faster than TM2 as far as I can tell. Sure, TM2 has some nice features in the pipeline, but if open sourcing it really will speed up the development only time can tell.

How would that work on Linux and Windows? Remember that Sublime Text is cross platform.

Wow, I hadn't noticed that feature in Mountain Lion until I read your post! Yes that is really nice, and I hope Sublime gets that feature too.
Hmm, isn't that exactly what Find All does? That will select every match and you can now edit all of them in multi-select mode?
Indeed. It would also be great if Sublime Text could make coffe and fetch me some snacks when I'm coding. Heck, it would be even better if it could write the code for me so I can devote more time to snacking and surfing the web.
Yes they are. File > Open Recent.
So use another theme, e.g. Soda, that has less spaceous tabs. Simple as that.