Multiple edition mode from search result

Kevin D'ORANGE 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2
I am truly sorry if the feature already exists, but in that cas I was not able not find it.

When I obtain a set of search result using CTRL+F, I would like to have the possibility to enter the "multiple edition mode" using the beggining of every matches of my search.
It comes to be useful when searches imply wildcards and then CTRL+D does not fully satisfied this need.

Of course I use the Remplace (CTRL+H) function, but I don't have the comfort of multiple edition mode.
Hmm, isn't that exactly what Find All does? That will select every match and you can now edit all of them in multi-select mode?
Yes. That's exactly what I meant. Sorry for not having investigated far enough :s. Thank you.