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I just noticed you didn't say OS X though. Maybe Control-D works on other platforms?

Command-D is the shortcut for Don't Save. I think that is pretty much standard in all OS X applications.

I certainly agree that it is useful to see this, but I also use the system scroll bars in OS 10.8, which means that they are fully hidden most of the time. So in my case I would prefer better visibility in the minimap. I know it has been suggested before to hilite the entire line with a selection, maybe that would work.

Ah, ok. Sublime does indeed behave differently there. I don't know the rationale for the difference, but to me Sublime's behavior is perfectly logical. In your example, since you can see the cursor on line three in Sublime, it definitely makes sense it moves to line four when you press down again.

Maybe Jon can chime in and explain his thinking - perhaps this is the normal behavior under Linux?

Not sure what you are talking about here. Is the difference you want to show that the cursor is visible at the end of the selection in Sublime text? I never even thought about that before. The behavior is still exactly the same as with other editors - pressing right arrow removes the selection with the cursor at the end, pressing left arrow removes the selection with the cursor at the start, typing replaces the selection. Or did you want to point out something else?

There are several Git-related packages available in Package Control. Check them out, maybe they work for you.

As default all VCS folders are hidden with

      "folder_exclude_patterns": [".svn", ".git", ".hg", "CVS"]

You can change that if you want.

Out of curiosity, when would you use that? The only thing I can think of is to surround the selection with quotes, and SublimeText 2 already handles that by letting you just type the quote character. It works with paired characters as well, i.e. parentheses and brackets.

You need to select the full lines including the newline character.