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Sure there is, it is called Western (Mac Roman). I'm looking at Sublime Text 3 now, but I'm pretty sure it is there in version 2 as well.

Maybe Show Open Files in the sidebar would work for you?

You can use Textmate packages directly with Sublime Text. So, https://github.com/textmate/lilypond.tmbundle. I'm using it myself and it works just fine.

If you are inserting tab characters (not using Indent Using Spaces), then other editors will of course use their own settings. 

All editors have settings where you can decide yourself how many spaces a tab should expand to.

How about comma? Parentheses? Square or curly brackets? There are many possibilities.

That would indeed be nice, but it would probably need considerable code changes. Maybe in Sublime Text 3?

You can do that by using the Vintage (VIM emulation) mode. Or in a slightly different way with the excellent AdvancedNewFile package. Maybe there's some other package that provides the exact functionality you are asking for, otherwise it would be pretty simple to write such a plugin.

The C++ build system in Sublime Text assumes that you have bash on your path and a compiler called g++ on your bash path. Don't know if that is normally true with a Dev-C++ install. You may want to check your configuration. It is not really a bug - Sublime Text assumes that you do some configuration yourself.