Real-time debuging

Henry N 7 years ago in Plugin announcements updated by Darin Morrison 7 years ago 2

Sublime text should be able to spot errors in real-time like Java does and offer a few solutions and why it is an error for all major languages.

As someone who works in the area of static analysis tools for programming languages, I can say that

this is something impractical to implement in the core of Sublime Tex, for all sorts of reasons. For starters, each language has different semantics and type systems which would require a near complete re-implementation for each language supported.

If at all, this should be done in plugins specific to certain languages. It turns out that this is already done in some cases. SublimeClang shows how this can be done for the C family of languages, by using the static analyzer from llvm/clang. Other languages would require different backends but in some cases the tools needed to provide the analysis information may already be available. As pointed out by Sven, there are some other plugins that do similar things, such as SublimeLinter and others. In particular there are quite a few Python oriented plugins that do some sort of analysis.