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I guess that's what I'm saying - for me, it doesn't happen anymore.  Why do you need your cursor at the 3rd tab stop?  are you inserting text at a random tab stop?  Honest question because I can't imagine a reason you would need your cursor there, when you have easy key commands to increase/decrease indentation from within the line (cmd+[, cmd+]), to start a new line from within a line (cmd+enter), and navigate to beginning of text or beginning of line as in my last comment.

Update for those interested:

I no longer miss this feature from textmate.  My keyflow has changed to use cmd+left to jump to the beginning of the text on the current line (regardless of whether your cursor is left or right of the beginning of the text), or cmd+left a second time to jump to the absolute beginning of the line.

This would be SO helpful.  I would love to see a diff of the two versions.  Or even just put the two files side-by-side, where one is a temporary buffer and the other is the actual file so that I can manually merge.