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I have install this on both sublime text 2 & 3 worked when you select the text

but not when your cursor is on it.

i have modified my Word Highlight.sublime-settings according to read me instructions but having probs..can you please help...

    "color_scope_name": "comment",
    "case_sensitive": false,
    "draw_outlined": true,

    "mark_occurrences_on_gutter" : false,
    // valid types: dot, circle, bookmark and cross
    "icon_type_on_gutter" : "dot",

    "highlight_delay": 2,
    "highlight_when_selection_is_empty": true,
    "highlight_word_under_cursor_when_selection_is_empty": true,
    "show_word_highlight_status_bar_message" : true,    
    "file_size_limit": 4194304,
    "when_file_size_limit_search_this_num_of_characters": 20000

i have text and lots of duplicated instances of different
words across. It would have been really nice if most of the duplicated 
words are highlighted..